Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recon and A.G. Caves

As I've mentioned before, Biff and I really enjoy doing a bit of recon on a nice day. Stumbling up and down cliffs for several hours can really pay off, or it can be frustrating and simply not worth the risk of falling to your death. Either way, we both find peace of mind trekking through forests on steep cliffs. 

Biff and I often discover drains and inlets carved into the sandstone walls .

 There isn't much to say about doing recon work. Its fun, good exercise and an essential part of urban exploration.

While poking around a particular cliff, I saw a grouping of rocks that looked interesting and decided to check it out. No more than 2 feet from the rocks I fell through a hole that was covered with branches and leaves and I inadvertently stumbled upon yet another cave without trying.