Friday, December 9, 2011

Dana' s Drain

For lack of a better name, Dana's Drain will do. I was told by Dana himself about a drain/tunnel on the east bank that might have some potential. So, Biff and I naturally jumped at the opportunity and a late night recon mission was born.
Fighting the cold December night, Biff and I bravely hopped on the our Biff bikes and headed toward the UofM East bank in hopes of warming up underground. Although the streets were covered with ice, ol Biff and I made good time through downtown ( I however crashed on black ice and nearly plowed into the trunk of a idling cop-car).
To date, Dana's Drain does not have one singe tag/spot of graffiti, is moderately flooded towards the end of the tunnel, and houses a population of bats that almost made Biff call his father for a ride home.
The entrance to the tunnel is easy enough. It starts out dry and covered with sand and progressively gets wet and muddy and shitty and awful. Coming to the end of the tunnel you are forced to either turn around and walk through the disaster you came from, or man up and jump through a tiny hole in the ceiling into the unknown.  

So, up we went. This is a view after leaping through the hole in the ceiling.

Following the newly found utility tunnel.

Following the lights led to a dead end. Not quite sure what is going on. There very well could be a dig in the early stages here.

As I said before, Dana's Drain is filled with bats. One particular bat wanted to get real personal and weird with ol Biff. Poor fella was spooked enough from the blind leap of faith through the hole in the ceiling, now Biff had to deal with bats flying at his face. Needless to say, he was on high alert after his bat encounter.

After we settled down a bit and had a well needed smoke and a beer, we collected ourselves and followed the only possible tunnel into the dark. Biff and I both agreed that we would find a different way out and avoid the nightmare of shit we trekked through.

Presto! We happened  across a ladder leading down to what looked like another utility tunnel deeper in the earth.

Not only was this the lowest utility tunnel in the system, the air was warm and the brickwork suggested early 20th century.

We came across electrical access panels and ladders leading to nowhere just before the Utility tunnel abruptly ended and we were forced up a ladder through a manhole and back to the surface.

This was an epic night. Both Biff and I were completely filthy and just fine with that. Our recon mission had turned into an underground journey through some utility tunnels that haven't been tagged or explored by many people. Thanks to Dana for turning us on to this one. To the biffs; this will forever be Dana's Drain.

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  1. I am assuming the Dana you met was TCB? (google twin cities brightest) I am curious where you met him and why he told you to go to this particular spot. These are the UofM steam tunnels that Max Action threw a party in back in the day, after that they were wired with security cameras and people started getting busted. The stories I heard involved the cops waiting outside of the drain for you when you leave. Going out of a random manhole instead could have saved you from the pigs. Be careful at this location.