Thursday, November 17, 2011

Haunted House Caves

There was a time, not too long ago, when Biff and I thought the U.E. well had dried up in the metro and we had to either hang up our biff boots, or explore elsewhere. We were under the assumption that all the spots around the twin cities had been sealed off for various reasons and rendered inaccessible to the general public. We went to Satan's cave four or five times in a row, just to take the edge off. Then on Halloween we took a group of biffs to the caves and just happened to run into 25 or so people already underground. After talking with Mr. 'N SYNC for a while, we realized that there was far more out there than we had ever imagined.

After every adventure that we do, Biff will proclaim that we will never top what we had just done. That was our thinking about Helix, Amphitheater, Satan's and Santa's Caves, Crushers, various bluff drains and glug spots. We would get discouraged while doing recon and think that our brief ride underground had come to an end....Then we found Haunted House Caves...

Our first trip was filled with stumbling up and down the bluffs, walking around the area, following the river up and downstream, and doing basic recon.

After several hours of aimlessly walking around, we finally found what we were looking for. 
This was our first trip to the caves, and not knowing what exactly we were doing in there, and the lack of our carbon monoxide detector, we wandered around for an hour or so and we decided to rejoin the surface dwellers.

Both Biff and I agreed that what we had just done was hands-down the most epic thing either of us had done before. We were proud of our accomplishment and headed home to celebrate.

We returned the very next night with a renewed sense of being and the knowledge of how to infiltrate the caves. 
After the trek in, we soon encountered several other Biffs that were exploring the caves as well. We all decided to roam around together and find the old Haunted House attraction buried somewhere deep inside the earth.

This was an epic night with our new Biff Buddies. We learned so much about the layout of the cave, air quality, which tunnels simply dead-end, etc. So, ol Biff and I once again agreed to return the following night.

The very next night Biff and I brought a few friends with us and headed underground for the third night in a row. We couldn't stop thinking about the subterranean Haunted House, otherwise known as T.O.T. So, down we all went. Although ol' Biff and I were the only two of the group that had ever been underground, the group did well and made us both proud.

 This was a fantastic time for all involved. We had found the cave on our own and explored every inch of the subterranean world. The folks that we brought underground absolutely loved the experience and made us promise them that we would take them along some other time. The world under our feet is full of history and needs to be shared with others who are curious about the unknown and unseen.


  1. i gotta know where this one is plleassee

  2. Some friends and I used to volunteer at that haunted house when it was still functioning. We always had a great time there.

  3. There's a lot of water down there now so bring your boots if you want to get to the fun stuff

  4. It's sad how people go down there and just mess up everything. It's not like my first time when everything wasn't demolished now since people had to just trash the place s