Monday, November 28, 2011

Milk Truck Cave

As any fellow Urban Biff knows, doing recon is half the fun of urban exploration. Discovering urban ruins, stumbling across waterfalls created by an underground stream, or popping a manhole on a hunch not only pays off, its just plain fun.
Similar to every recon mission, Biff and I did our research firsthand and headed out with a vague idea of the location to the recently opened Milk Truck caves. Stumbling up and down crumbling rock cliffs is not recommended by anyone, but somehow ol' Biff and I end up doing just that.
We came across urban ruins and sat and had a glug
small crawl tunnels in sandstone bluffs, small underground streams and the like. So, we headed off in a different direction and almost immediately stuck gold and headed underground.

The CiTy filled in the caves within the last 10 years with rubble in hopes to deter partying local kids looking for a new place to hang out. The caves are filled with construction material, bricks, cement, metal and anything else to make things difficult for Biffs like us. Regardless, the caves are maneuverable and filled with all sorts of shit, so the best idea is to watch your footing and take it slow.

During the time Biff and I were in the Milk Truck caves there is a dig project underway in hopes of breaking through into yet another forgotten cave. Worn out saws and chisels tossed aside littered the new dig site, along with pizza boxes, beer cans, water bottles, candles and other rubbish. It was more than apparent to Biff and I that we we not the first to discover this dig site.
There was a pulley system with an attached sled, buckets, shovels, eye protection, worn out gloves, measuring tapes, etc. Needless to say, the site had been there for several months, and in that time there had been quite a bit of progress into the dig. Now, I nor Biff know exactly what cave system is attempting to be reached, but whoever started this dig knew what they were doing.

Being the fun-heated fellows that Biff and i are, we decided to contribute to the dig before we left and chip away and  hauled out a bucket each.

  Biff and his little Biff Shovel. Took him 25 minutes to fill up a bucket.

True to the name, there are several Milk trucks from the 1950's buried within the caves.

You can crawl inside the milk truck and take a seat on a recently refurbished bench and take a load off and soak in the history. ( This is a view of the inside of the Milk truck). 

Tell ya' what, the milk truck caves are pretty cool. There is a sandstone "stairway" that leads up 30 ft. or so, which leads to a dead end that was rumored to connect to a long lost fraternity house that deserves a climb. There are side passages and dead end crawl tunnels that all make the caves interesting and intriguing.


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    2. Me and my friends have been searching for the labyrinth, zen, candy man and, temple of the drowned cat. While we where searching we found some small systems but couldn't find any of those. Please help (763-313-1425) txt

  2. This looks like the area of caves my older bro and I used to go to back in the 80's, there were a bunch of different caves under the high bridge opposite side from St. Paul. Before they filled them with junk they were really amazing. Some had scary challenges, ropes hanging down from holes in the ceiling that would take you to side tunnels if you had balls to climb them. Lots of satanic graffiti and the occasional goats head to make it freaky. The scariest thing was during certain times of the year, we would hear sections of the sandstone ceiling collapse not that far from us. We always came prepped with big triple wick church candles, our trusty machete, something to drink and smoke.

  3. @mac, Lilli dale the road under Smith at bridge all along it